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It's Strange

Immerse yourself in this beautiful low-poly adventure ride! With 3 different worlds that are connected to each other, accompanied by two friendly hands (yes, you'll have characters for hands*) that can create orbs and interact with in-game objects, which can trigger and unlock some environmental actions in the game!

It's strange is best used with headphone for full immersive experience.

It's Strange was created as a submission for the Leap Motion 3DJam 2015 as our first VR project. Let us know what you think for possible future development!


This game requires a Leap Motion Controller mounted on Oculus Rift to play.

This game was tested using Oculus and SDK.


Here we're trying to create as strange, as immersive and as pleasant experience as possible.

Your hands are the guardians who need to keep their life energy by doing actions in the game. Just enjoy the experience by interacting with stuff!

Some things you can do...

- Make orbs with your palms, and shoot 'em! (Don't forget to try that in the dark cave).

- Touch, grab, and feed stuff.

- Enjoy the ride and look at your mesmerizing bubbly hand.

- Find out more yourself!

Tips: Some in-game effects have chain reactions... try to light up all the towers! (you don't have to do it in one ride, the whole thing loops forever,so take your time and enjoy the experience)


*we originally intended to have full on characters as hands, but we could not find some decent voice actors on time :(

Install instructions

Before intalling, make sure your computer already installed Leap Motion Tracking & supports Oculus, also have both of them mounted and turned on.

1. Download ItsStrange.zip

2. Wear your headphone/earphones (recommended)

3. Open ItsStrange.exe (Windows) or ItsStrange (OS X)

4. Enjoy!


It's Strange OSX.zip 46 MB
It's Strange win64.zip 74 MB

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